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The NLP Centre is a group of highly qualified NLP professionals all trained and accredited by Dr Richard Bandler® and The Society of NLP™

Dr Richard Bandler® was the co-founder of NLP and has spent over 4 decades developing behavioral technologies such as NLP – Neuro Lingusitc Programming, DHE – Design Human Engineering, NHR– Neuro Hypnotic repatterning. Dr Bandler has been described as the most discreet (as in not widely known) yet influential mind in modern history for human development.

There are many places out there just set up to deliver NLP courses and claim to be experts in “life coaching” however at the NLP Centre, we have all been fully trained by Dr Bandler to the highest possible standards. We are here to help people gain more choice freedom and happiness in their lives, teaching people to learn how to do things themselves with the tools and distinctions within NLP. Because we come from a business background we mainly work with business owners, people aspiring to be own or run a business, high level executives, entrepreneurs and those interested in furthering their career and/or making more money.

We pride ourselves on being among the best on the planet at what we do. We measure this simply in terms of getting the results that we get!

We prefer to work mainly with people on a 1-2-1 basis as there are very few highly skilled people out there that still do this, mainly as teaching to larger numbers of groups makes more commercial sense on the business level. Our love for working closely with people 1-2-1 and helping people change is at the centre of our business and where we spend most of time.

We work  with all types of individuals not just business people but sport professionals, mums, teachers……. people from all walks of life. Because we travel, teach workshops and work with 1-2-1 clients frequently it is best to email us and rest assured, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is an NLP 1-2-1 session and who needs it?

Good question – Basically NLP is the name of a number of techniques, a methodology and an attitude that Dr Bandler has founded and improved over the last 40 years. In essence it teaches us to use our thinking actively to get us the results we want in life. Most people confuse remembering with thinking and in fact they are very different activities. That might not sound much but realistically being in charge of our brain and thoughts will enable us to take action and move in the direction we want to go. It is not a magic bullet that will make us all thin, healthly, rich, successful, famous etc over night however it does change our habits and thinking patterns to take us in that direction, if that is what we want, and through thinking differently we do differently and hence our life is in essence a print out of our thinking patterns.  So without going into too much detail we work with people that want to change something in their life, whether that is a feeling, a phobia or just get really focused on a new goal or direction. The challenge with most people is they do not actually do much about resolving problems, they sit in “no mans land” so to speak, where its not that bad enough to change and yet life seems dull, difficult and unhappy. We only work with people that are committed to change and with this commitment we too bring to the table the tools and skillset to facilitate it. If you are unsure about a 1-2-1 session please email us any question and we will be happy have a chat with you and see if we can help in any way


Find out more about what is NLP on our topic page

We work on a payment per change basis – not per hour. We take Dr Bandler’s approach of focusing on the change not dragging out the time!

Please contact us with any questions or request for any information.


Random Testimonial:
Great work, really opened my eyes to what is possible – Mr P Wallace – London

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