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In his latest works, Dr Richard Bandler shows he is a big believer in direction. When NLP was first being developed, it seemed like curing a phobia was the only (end) goal but after years of working with people 1-2-1 and in seminars, Bandler changed his approach to help people move in the direction daily of where they want to be, the phobia cure was the start of the path but not the end.

If you look back to yesterday, have you made progress?… No matter how small, is it in the direction that you want to go? ….YES? Then you are making progress and that is what we want to build on. The unconscious mind is a very powerful tool that understands direction and can generalise, distort or delete experience easily.

Its not about being happy all the time, or even being ecstatic today and gone tomorrow, its about getting happier daily, falling in love deeper, strengthening your business to withstand the ups and downs and moving closer to all these things daily. Even if its just a tiny bit, direction is key! This is the reason why unhappy people get unhappier, they are using the power of the unconscious mind to generalise, albeit in a negative direction.

Once you know how to tap into the power of the unconscious mind, you can move your life in any direction you want. Does this mean you will never have a bad day or feel upset again? NO! BUT you don’t have to live there, you spend the majority of your time, consciously moving towards what you want.

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