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There are many applications of NLP that can be used to either overcome issues or enhance possibility.

For the sake of ease on this website we have divided these up into simple areas such as sport, business phobias etc, but they are not necessarily confined to these areas. Working with all types of people we primarily we find out what is wanted and show how to utilise the system and get the results automatically (by feeling good).

To us “NLP is about improving quality of life by basically learning how to do things differently, we work on the principle that personal freedom comes from the ability to have choice in what we do and how we live. Using NLP methods and techniques gives us greater awareness of what we do to create our perceived reality and a more conscious approach to facilitating change. What we are offering you are the latest cutting-edge techniques that step-by-step will allow you to make changes for the better. It is not rocket science, the basics are particularly easy to learn and yet very effective. However, theorising will not make the changes, NLP is to be experienced.”

NLP for us generally is not coaching, a lot of people have coaches but that’s not specifically what we do. We believe that there is structure and content to life and problems, and most people have content but get stuck or side tracked by structural challenges. Think about it, we wouldn’t teach a golfer how to play golf in terms of skill, what we would work on is more the structure or process to get that person into the right state of mind. The skill of playing golf needs to be there but once the structure is aligned the skill can be developed or released. Crazy as it sounds, the state of mind when going into a task is more important than the skill to do the task. What we work with is aligning the internal unconscious processes, which include beliefs, to get the task done elegantly efficiently and automatically

Because our trainers all come from a business background, and have ran significant and successful business in their own right, we tend to get many referrals from the business community. We work on Total Change Ecology, which for us means that we need to look at the whole system of your life and ensure that any change adds to the overall balance and success in all areas of you. Many people do not understand the concept of Total Change Ecology which could mean that a change is made over here now but over there it kicks up some issue in another area. An example would be us working with high level CEO’s on motivation strategies, this needs to be done with elegance precision and Total Change Ecology, if not the results could be detrimental to many people and their organisation

Today’s world for everyone is becoming more and more busy. Business is faster global and operates 24 hrs. a day. The truth is you either learn to adapt or burn out. On top of a hectic work schedule many of us have responsibilities like family, children, health, relaxing and so on, balancing out life can be the hardest part and it catches many “excellent” people out. Total Change Ecology brings the best you to the table in all areas of your life, success for us is essentially that.



We love the power of unconscious mind and what is possible when you learn how to direct and align it to your outcome

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