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NLP can be applied to business as well as many other areas of life. People use NLP techniques in business to achieve outstanding goals. In a nut shell its learning how our brain works and others and by changing our unconscious habits we can automate actions that will take us in the direction we want to go in so we can achieve higher bigger greater achievements in life, easily, effortlessly and powerfully.

The level of understanding you will obtain regarding communication to influence is so powerful it will revolutionise results. Business is in essence communication, relationships and negotiation.  Many people have so called studied NLP but in our experience they have not mastered the  art and science at the deepest level. Linguistic is our middle name, (neuro being our first name and programming being our last name) and we understand and can teach you the power of words, embedded commands, presuppositions and many other linguistic tools are so so powerful (that’s not a mistake putting in “so” twice) that once you understand how to use them you can literally become a master of persuasion and communication.

Some business want assistance in unblocking problems, working on priorities or opening up new opportunities. We have a simple 3 step solution which includes the Meta Model, designed by Richard Bandler,  to help unblock issues to achieve outstanding results to drive your business or career forward in the direction you want. We have studied many successful business people over the years and from this elicited key distinctions and strategies to help anyone in any business situation. What we have found is many business people are uncertain about the future so we spend time helping you feel “intelligently positive and certain” about the future……. and  future proofing,  not just pumped up and motivated for the moment without substance underneath.

It maybe assistance in public speaking (the number one fear on the planet and proven to increase your income if you can do it well) or a course on communication, advanced rapport building, speed reading or helping your CEO’s deal with stress or pressure,  we will tailor make solutions based on your needs and requirements.

Have you got an outstanding sales person or an excellent creative person, we can analyse the unconscious strategies these people use (even they may not know how they do it) and install them into your team so you have an outstanding sales team or creativity department. Realistically the possibilities are endless.

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These sessions we have had together will make a big difference to my career – Mr P  Right – London UK