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Any sports person at the top of their game has several things in common:

  • No.1 they are always present in the moment (or just ahead of the moment) focused on the task and giving their all.
  • No.2 they always have their conscious and unconscious mind aligned to an outcome, no sign of internal conflict.
  • No.3 they believe they can win will win and should win.
  • No.4 nothing else matters once they go into the state, ready to start.

Other things we have discovered when working with sports people and athletes is that they perform their best and deliver their best when their state is focused and centered. The best sports people, even when they loose a match, fight, race, whatever believe they are still winners and they should have won, this generally gives them the determination to get up start again and train harder. Another common theme is they get their certainty from the training up to the occasion and they constantly refer back this training to help them feel good, positive and excited. We also found they pride themselves on the fact that NO short cuts have been taken. One World Class Boxer we worked with used to get up at 2am in the morning and go for 10 mile run, he used this as a strategy for feeling certain and confident that he will win.  He would say to himself nobody else will do what I am willing to do, and that gave him the power to step into the ring and perform.

We create a state that can be turned on and off at will that will tap into the unconscious processors you need to get the desired result. taking advantage of the visual modality and sub modalities is a powerful way to practice any task and once the brain knows the path and outcome the physiology will follow. Most of the time when sports personalities are off key its very rarely the skill factor, in fact the skill factor is only about 20% of the result, the other 80% and the most important is psychology state and belief.

We will give you specific tools so you can always access the best you at any performance no matter what else is happening around you in the environment, and feel positive about the future


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Random Testimonial:
Its funny because what we went through is what I do naturally when I am on form, thanks for showing me how to do this on purpose  –  L Whittaker – Leicester