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Dr Richard Bandler co-founder of NLP has studied many successful people and modelled some of their behaviours and strategies for success. Through time working and studying under Dr Bandler we have gained distinctions in this area that can help any human being.

People that come to us for personal enhancement tend not to have any major issues, it can be more of an uncomfortable feeling, or maybe something is just off key.

Over generalising, there are 2 parts to the brain, the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind sets the intention (like I want a talk to that person) and the unconscious mind delivers the action. How did your legs move to walk over to them on the other side of the room? you didn’t do it consciously, you don’t know how, just in walking from one side of the room to another there are multiple different muscles that need to fire off and coordinate together, this is the job of your unconscious mind and unconscious automatic processors. You probably have no problem walking, as you have done it a thousand times or more, the process is mapped in your unconscious and it just does it when it is required. Your unconscious mind is very powerful without you even knowing it is running 95% of what you do.

Personal enhancement looks to align the unconscious mind with the conscious mind so you are directed forward with no hesitation. When you go into a public bathroom in desperate need of the toilet, you don’t go through a process of which toilet to use, is it the right place, what’s the décor like etc, you just choose one and go its as simple as that, theres no hesitation, you just go for it, quite a crude example but hopefully it brings the point home. One of the biggest problems on the planet is hesitation, we will take you through a process of aligning the unconscious mind with the conscious mind so you can make intelligent steps forward to your goal outcome life whatever, we love the power of unconscious mind & what is possible when you direct and align it to your outcome

We will go through strategies helping individuals go from confusion to understanding, making good decisions, creativity, clarity of goals and vision, relationships and balancing work and life, certainty about the future. This is all about enhancement, your life might work now without doing it but how good could it actually be? 95% of what we do is unconscious. Imagine tapping into your true potential

We have done this with executives to celebrities to sports personnel, the truth is you don’t know what you are missing.


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