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All phobias, fears and anxieties are learned, with the exception of fear of falling, or loud noises. It may be that the phobia or fear has served a useful purpose, such as keeping you safe, or perhaps you can’t even remember where the phobia or fear originated from. It doesn’t matter the origin of the phobia, fear or anxiety. Simply put, we will teach you how to think and feel differently, in a manner that is appropriate to your well being in day to day life, in a fun and effortless way.

When removing phobias, fears and anxieties we ensure that changes are appropriate, in the sense that if you want a phobia or fear of snakes removed you still have the presence of mind to keep safe and make good decisions regarding snakes, without the debilitating fear or even terror that you would have felt before working with us, we call this Total Change Ecology.

We make these important considerations true in all the work that we do whether this be in the corporate environment, one of our public workshops or working 1-2-1with individual from all backgrounds. It is the attention to detail that sets us apart from our competitors, and re-assures you that working with us is the best choice possible.

We believe nobody is broken and its not who you are it’s what you are doing, whether you realised it or not.

We work with anything you want to change, NLP is a way of learning (or unlearning) we believe we are some of the best consultants on the planet because of the time spent learning from Dr Richard Bandler.

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