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This page contains all the current special offers that we have at the NLP Centre


During the month of January in a bid to help people start the year and more importantly follow through we have a special 1-2-1 session with an NLP Advanced Master Practitioner.

Session’s are designed around you and to help you achieve what it is you want to achieve in your life, whether that’s love riches happiness…… or any of the above.

All we require is you answer our questions, follow instructions and go out in to the world and test the changes. The process, remember, is surprisingly pleasant. Certainly so much better than living a life with phobias, fears and limitations

We work with people for many reasons, here’s a few to help you think about what you want to have or change in your life

- Starting a business
- Turning your business around
- Changing your career
- Your personal relationships – friends, families, lover
- Finding the right person for you
- Fears, Phobias or Anxiety
- Changing those worry and concern feelings into wanton desire and going for it
- Stress
- Depression
- Instant confidence
- Loosing weight and staying there
- Life optimisation – really getting all your values believes and unconscious mind working together
- Money – learning how to earn more and invest wisely
- Develop your skill as a sports person – the psychology needed for being an outstanding athlete
- Strategies on sleeping better

Get your new year of to a flying start, usual price for working 1-2-1 with is £1995 -

January special offer 50% off £995